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Utopian open space - social-ecological living laboratory

Starting from the project and seminar house K20 we organize in the village of Salzderhelden as a kind of real laboratory of autonomous organizing and living. We organize projects and living together as far as possible and practicable ⓘ hierarchy critical, ⓘ free from the logic of exchange and in solidarity with each other. In addition to diverse educational work and cross-regional political commitment, we try to create utopian free spaces on site and to live new standards of living already today.


(Click on the respective title for more information on the projects)

Open Space, Seminar Venue, Platform for political activism


Participatory kiosk in the train station

vegan and exchange logic free

Wood, metal and bicycle workshop
participatory & exchange logic free

Building, renovating and designing together as sustainably as possible

Autonomous education program

Room for movement

and large groups

organic vegan agriculture

to participate

Gardening & Camp Fire


Media design for transformative projects

Büroräume mit Drucker, Scanner,
PC, Laptops und mehr

sharing the costs for large orders of

organic-vegan food

Large Action Kitchen

to participate

creative actions for a

local traffic turning

Repairing (collective) bicycles together and learning from each other

Renting cargo bikes for free

 jamming together

offenes Musik-Kollektiv für Musiker*innen mit hierarchiekritischem, politischem Anspruch

several flat shares and

house projects

Individuals and collectives on site offer workshops, lectures & skillsharing for your camp, event or other activities on request!

Individuals and collectives offer for example skill sharing in Salzderhelden on request.

With questions, we are moving forward

– Zapatistas –

In the projects in Salzderheld*innen we work for a solidary, cooperative and good life for all. In doing so, we are aware of our own interconnectedness and want to critically accompany each other in the learning process. Within Salzderhelden we are already living new habits of living. That is why some places are e.g. collective, vegan, exchange logic free and drug free.



Throughout the year, the various projects in Salzderheld*innen organize seminars, workshops, building and gardening weeks, and even a small annual festival. You can find upcoming events here.


Schön, dass du uns besuchen möchtest. Wahrscheinlich ist die K20 als Offener Raum der beste Ausgangspunkt um die Projekte vor Ort kennenzulernen. Bitte schreib uns eine Email bevor Du vorbei kommst, damit wir eine Ansprechperson für dich finden können.


Whether for an afternoon, from a distance or until after the revolution - there are countless ways to get involved. Maybe you have a concrete idea how you would like to get involved? You can find more information here.


In Salzderhelden, a growing number of people is living for a long time in order to organize themselves actively together. In addition to the K20 project house, there are therefore several housing projects and shared flats. Feel free to write us or come by for more information.

K20 Projekthaus
Knickstraße 20
37574 Einbeck
05561 92 59 515 (derzeit nicht erreichbar)

Förderverein für eine soziale, ökologische und gerechte Welt e.V.