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exchange logic free

In view of a solidarity-based transformation, money should not represent a separating means and should not divide people into owner and dispossessed. Here, freedom from the logic of exchange means that giving and taking should be decoupled from each other and that people should contribute voluntarily instead of bartering or exchanging money. No person should be required to give something in return in order to be allowed to be here. In view of a solidary and hierarchy-critical togetherness, a participation of as many people as possible on site is desired and necessary, however, in order, for example, not to permanently shift repro work such as cooking and structural maintenance of the building to a few people. So that the possibility is open for all to participate in projects, seminars and actions, they are arranged here by different people free of exchange logic. Certainly, in a capitalist-dominated world, money is still needed to obtain necessary resources such as electricity and water. The more exchange logic-free and solidary places and access possibilities there are, which can cover the needs for a good life for all, the less people will probably still need to use something like money. Step by step, lived utopias unfold in this way, in which people can contribute voluntarily in free agreements.